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Budget Billing

Budget billing is a convenient way to manage your electric bill payments.  The budget billing plan helps you avoid high seasonal bills by making an even monthly payment throughout the year.  Budget billing is available to members with accounts in good standing who have had electrical service at the same address for at least 12 months.  Budget billing does not reduce your overall energy expense, it simply allows you to evenly spread out your annual energy expense over a 12 month period.  With budget billing you'll be able to manage your household finances a whole lot easier.

The budget billing program runs from January to December.  The budget billing will be reset in January billing period.  If your budget status in December reflects a balance owed, all amounts will be due by January 5th.  If your budget status in December reflects a credit balance, this will be reflected in your new monthly budget amount.  As a part of the budget billing process, we periodically review the status of each budget account and make adjustments, if necessary. 

While enrolled in budget billing, your bill will still show you the number of kilowatt hours of electricity you use each month, so you can track your energy usage.  In addition, your monthly bill will now show two amounts, (1) your actual electric charges for the billing period and (2) the amount you are required to pay according to your budget bill plan.  You are required to pay at least the budget amount due each month to remain on the plan.

There is no charge for using the budget billing plan, this is a service that we provide to our members to make it easier to manage their electric bills.  Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from planning ahead.  Participating members must notify us if they decide to discontinue participation.

For more information on how to sign up for budget billing plan, please contact our billing department at 607-776-4161 or 1-800-843-3414.

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