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Marathon Water Heaters

We are committed to providing our members with products that improve the energy efficiency of their homes.  If you are in the market for a new water heater, look no further.  Marathon electric water heaters offer several great features:


  • Best Construction:  Seamless, blow-molded polybutene inner tank wrapped in filament-wound fiberglass
  • Best Durability:  Toughest and strongest tank in the residential water heater industry
  • Best Functionality:  No anode rod, recessed brass drain valve, and bowl-shaped tank bottom that drains completely
  • High Efficiency:  2.5 inches of foal insulation minimizes stand-by heat loss
  • Best Valve:  Durability eliminates cost of buying a new water heater every 10 years (national average)


To learn more about Marathon electric water heaters, please see Rheem's product information page


Members are eligible for a $1.00 per gallon of capacity rebate with all brands of electric water heaters. The member must be current with their Steuben Rural Electric billing.  Rebates will not exceed the cost of the water heater.  All units require the installation of a load control device to qualify for the rebate and each member must complete a water heater rebate form.



Marathon Electric Water Heater Pricing (Tax Not Included)
Model Gallons Height Diameter Member Price
MR30245 30 53" 21-5/8" $643.40
MR50245 50 66-3/4" 23-1/2" $741.24
MHD85245 85 70-1/4" 28-1/4" $1021.00
MR105245 105 70-3/4" 30-1/4" $890.00
MHD105238 105 70-3/4" 30-1/4" $989.00









Prices subject to change without notice










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